Beneo-Institute receives expanded approval for prebiotic fiber in India

August 4, 2011

The Beneo-Institute has announced the approval of its prebiotic fiber—oligofructose—for use with an even greater range of products in India. Having been approved for use in bakery products for several years, the Indian Ministry of Health has now opened the door for oligofructose to be used in a number of additional food categories in the country, including sweets, dairy products, frozen desserts, ice cream, cereals, chocolates, as well as meat applications.

Following a rigorous approval process and a successful application from Beneo-Institute's regulatory experts, food manufacturers will now be able to reach a wider cross section of consumers with the prebiotic benefits of oligofructose.
"India is a growing market for functional ingredients so we are very pleased with this positive verdict. It proves again the nutritional and technological benefits of oligofructose within a wide range of products. Moreover, we are now able to support functional food manufacturers in an even broader application portfolio to encourage improved nutrition and healthier lifestyles," said Anke Sentko, Vice President Regulatory Affairs and Nutrition Communication, Beneo.

Derived from chicory root, oligofructose is a soluble prebiotic dietary fiber that supports a balanced gut microflora and digestive health. Due to its moderately sweet taste, oligofructose can partially replace sugar in certain product recipes allowing it to provide an "added fiber" benefit while offering "no-added sugar" or "low sugar" alternatives. In combination with high intensity sweeteners, it gives a more balanced sweetness profile.

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