IFT Comments

FDA’s Role in Ensuring Safe Food

March 24, 2009
IFT submitted comments to the Perspectives on FDA’s Role in Ensuring Safe Food Meeting, Institute of Medicine, National Research Council. IFT believes that the overarching goal of the Agency must be to protect the public from food-borne illness and food associated hazards. IFT believes that food safety must be built into food products from the beginning. (Read more)

Agriculture and Food Research Initiative

September 24, 2008
Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service Solicitation of Input Regarding the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI), CSREES-2008-0002. IFT agrees that the priority area of “food safety, nutrition, and health” is very important to the continued ability to conduct cutting-edge agricultural and food research in the United States. (Read more)

FDA Food Protection Plan

July 31, 2008
IFT commends the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for developing a Food Protection Plan and is in general agreement with its core elements of Prevention, Intervention, and Response. We are pleased to have this opportunity to offer comments (Docket No. FDA-2008-N-0188), which we believe will help the Agency strengthen the Plan.  (Read more)

Food Science and Technology and the OPT Program

April 23, 2008
The Department of Homeland Security offers non-immigrant students pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) degrees the opportunity to participate in Optional Practical Training (OPT) with a U.S. employer in a job directly related to the student’s major area of study. (Read more)

FDA on Nanotechnology

April 16, 2008
IFT is are pleased to offer comments specifically focused on the regulation of food and food-related materials such as food packaging that may contain nanoscale materials.
 (Read more)

FDA FY2009 Budget

March 6, 2008
It is therefore imperative that substantial resources be made available to the agency to restore its scientific capability and capacity, enabling it to fulfill its mission and meet regulatory responsibilities effectively. (Read more)

FDA Subcommittee on Science and Technology Report

January 30, 2008
IFT agrees with the S&T Subcommittee’s recommendations that CFSAN’s and CVM’s science base and related inspection and enforcement functions be rebuilt to a level commensurate with regulatory responsibilities. (Read more)

IFT Address on Import Safety

October 1, 2007
IFT agrees with the Working Group that U.S. citizens would benefit from the continued availability of a variety of food products regardless of the country in which they were produced. However, food safety must not be compromised in providing this benefit and food scientists and technologists stand ready to play a vital role in helping protect the public.  (Read more)

Food Nanotechnology Research Needs

September 17, 2007
IFT commends the Nanotechnology Environmental and Health Implications (NEHI) Working Group of the NSET Subcommittee on this specific research needs document. IFT is particularly pleased with the articulation of the research needs to encompasses areas of nanoscience applications relating to food.  (Read more)

Food Nanotechnology: Applications & Implications

January 4, 2007
IFT urges the Federal government to increase investment in nanoscale science in the area of food science and technology for a healthier and safer food supply.  (Read more)