Staff Directory

IFT Senior Leadership

Christie Tarantino
Executive Vice President

Mark Barenie
Sr Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

William Fisher
VP, Science & Policy Initiatives

Kristy McGreal
VP, Knowledge & Learning Experiences

Kelly Fox
VP, Meetings & Business Partnerships


Jerry Bowman
VP, Communications & Media Relations

Marc Bernstein
VP, Information Technology

Peggy O'Brien
VP, Human Resources

Amanda Perl
VP of Development, Feeding Tomorrow

Communications & Media Relations

Jerry Bowman
VP, Communications & Media Relations

Bob Swientek
Editor-In-Chief and Director of Publications

Leslie Pappas
Director, Publications

Amanda Ferguson
Associate Director,
IFT Scientific Journals

Kelly Hensel
Senior Digital Editor

Mary Ellen Kuhn
Executive Editor, FT & Asst. Dir. Of Pubs

Karen Nachay
Senior Associate Editor, FT

Melanie Bartelme
Associate Editor, FT


Toni Tarver
Senior Writer/Editor

Angie Myers
Director, Communications & Multimedia

Mindy Weinstein
Director, Media Relations

Stephanie Callahan
Media Relations Manager

Jennifer London
Director of Marketing

Tim Coghill
Marketing Manager

Michael O'Donnell
Graphic Designer

Brian Mackenzie
Publications Production Coordinator

Executive Office

Christie Tarantino
Executive Vice President

Amanda Perl
Vice President of Development, Feeding Tomorrow

Kelly McCohen
Executive Offices Manager &
Board Liaison


Brandon Davis
Certification Manager

Kate Dockins
Director of Volunteer Leadership Development & Recognition


Mark Barenie
Sr Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Iwona Kossak

Michael Barski
Accounting Supervisor

Sonia Hernandez
Staff Accountant


Rich Stelmaszek
Staff Accountant and Payroll Administrator

Jerilyn Sturkey
Accounts Payable Clerk

Katie Eklund
Jr Accountant

Brent Wallace
Senior Service Specialist

Information Technology

Marc Bernstein
VP, Information Technology

Lev Kaytsner
Director, Information Technology

Marlene Chlypniacz
Manager, AMS

Jorge Araujo
Senior Developer

Patt Chomwong
Junior Developer


Lori Conley
Digital Director

Bridgette Smith
Digital Production Specialist

Lily Tao
Analytics Coordinator

Sith Keo
Help Desk Contractor

Knowledge & Learning Experiences

Kristy McGreal
Vice President, KLE

George Miller
Director, KLE

Stacy Hodge
Senior Program Manager

Katie Paffhouse
Program Manager


Kara Adams
E-Learning & CFS Prep
Course Manager

Cassie Peabody
Program Coordinator

Tejuana Williams
Program Coordinator


Kelly Fox
VP, Meetings & Business Partnerships

Jean Heis
Meetings Director

Melodie Anderson
Exhibits Manager

Susan Andronowitz
Manager, Registration & Housing


Kathy Danner
Exhibits Coordinator

Clare Keesey
Meetings Coordinator

Katherine McLaughlin
Meetings Planner


Katie Masterson
Program Manager, Membership

Anna Ylijoki
Component Relations Manager


Erin Carter
Program Manager and Foundation Board Liaison

Erin O'Connell
Membership Coordinator

Office Administration

Peggy O'Brien
Vice President, Human Resources

Debra Kinnison

Patti Pagliuco
IFT Central Team Leader


Alicia Castro
IFT Central Representative

Donna Morris
IFT Central Representative


Susan Young
Director of Sales & Business Partnerships

Juliette Fry
Strategic Account Manager,

Bonny McColl
Strategic Account Manager, West


Bato Prostran
Senior Exhibit Sales Representative

Darlene Hankes
Sales Systems Administrator

Patrick Simmons
Advertising Sales Coordinator

Science and Policy Initiatives

Will Fisher
Vice President, Science & Policy Initiatives

Dr. Rosetta Newsome
Director, Science & Policy Initiatives

Dr. Janet Zhang
Director, Food Safety Programs


Tejas Bhatt
Director, Global Food Traceability Center

Farida Mohamedshah
Director, Food Health & Nutrition

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