Code of Professional Conduct for Members of the Institute of Food Technologists

All members of the Institute of Food Technologists shall adhere to the following code of ethics. These basic tenets of professionalism are essential elements to assure the integrity, honor and dignity of the Institute and its members.

Members of the Institute of Food Technologists shall;

  1. Work to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the public
  2. Report all scientific research properly and accurately
  3. Acknowledge the work and publications of others properly and accurately
  4. Treat all colleagues and co-workers with respect and in accordance with the Institute's established diversity policy
  5. Use or reference the Institute's name, logo and other marks only after receiving prior written approval from the Institute to do so
  6. Maintain proprietary information in confidence or obtain prior approval from the owner before using or disclosing such information to third parties
  7. Act in compliance with all applicable authorities and laws
  8. Maintain objectivity when reviewing scientific work, publications or journals
  9. Avoid conflicts of interest and any appearance of impropriety
  10. Not plagiarize the research of others or use the research of others without proper authorization.

Approved by the IFT Board of Directors 6/09