IFT’s International Division—Past, Present, and Future

A look back at IFT’s International Division

The International Division has taken a look back at its extensive history in a new article appearing on the IFT website. The article illustrates the series of international events that paved the way for the division’s formation, from members serving in Australia during World War II spreading the word about the newly formed Institute of Food Technologists to the conversations held during the 1960 Glasgow Symposium that led to the creation of the International Union of Food Science & Technology, which counts IFT among its adhering bodies.

Two decades later, IFT member Onuma Okezie presented the idea of forming a new division within the greater organization to address world food problems, particularly in less developed countries. No doubt at least somewhat inspired by this effort, IFT’s leadership announced the official formation of IFT’s International Division at the 1990 Annual Meeting.

Over the years, the division increased its membership and launched programs and activities such as the International Division Newsletter and a book and journal exchange that sent publications to needy institutions in Latin America. Though those programs are no longer active, the division continues to thrive, sponsoring international symposia at Annual Meetings and jointly operating the Global Harmonization Initiative. It now looks to the future, with goals of halting the demonization of modern technology in global food science communications and spreading useful knowledge and ideas among members all across the world.

The article also features an appendix that includes a thorough timeline of the division’s key moments, a list of past chairs, and the very petition that first brought the idea of the International Division to IFT leadership’s minds.

To view and read the entire article, please click on the Download the PDF link below.

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IFT has always been my foundation for food science and continuing professional friendships.

Martha Rhodes Roberts, PhD
Special Assistant to Dean for Research
Martha Roberts