Our Leadership Members of our Board of Directors serve as organizational stewards that help shape IFT and the professions of food science and food technology.

They come together to network, learn, and share their collective wisdom to ensure that our vision — a safe and abundant food supply contributing to healthier people everywhere — becomes a reality.

Explore the background and achievements of our board members below. Interested in becoming involved? Learn how you can become a member of this dynamic leadership team.


Mary Ellen Camire

Robert Gravani

Colin Dennis

Christie Tarantino
Executive Vice President

Janet Collins
Immediate Past President



Martin Cole

Cathy Kapica

John Neil Coupland

Scott Lineback

Ernest Embola

Dawn Merrill

Luis A. Fernandez

Sharrann Simmons

Anne Goldman

R. Paul Singh

Dallas Hoover

Cindy Stewart

Jay Gilbert
President, IFTSA


Ex-Officio Members

Jonathan L. Baugher
Immediate Past President, IFTSA

Amy Dejong
President-Elect, IFTSA

Noel Anderson
Chair, Feeding Tomorrow

IFT has provided me with indispensable and unique networking opportunities and technical resources.

Bruce Stillings
Food & Agriculture Consultants Inc.
Bruce Stillings