Mary Ellen Camire, PhD, CFS President-Elect 2013-2014

Mary Ellen CamireDr. Camire worked as a part-time independent contractor for Frito Lay’s consumer testing program. Her interest in sensory evaluation continued when she started her Ph.D. program at Texas Woman’s University, where she helped with consumer testing for Coca Cola Foods. Frito Lay allowed Dr. Camire to use its pilot plant to begin her career in extrusion processing. After graduation she moved to Maine and has been there since 1989 promoting food science education and the growing Maine food industry. Although her faculty appointment is 25% teaching and 75% research, Dr. Camire has worked with many food companies, ranging in size from home-based processors with one or two staff to multinational corporations.  Dr. Camire’s training in human nutrition has allowed her to assist the wild blueberry, cranberry, potato and other commodity groups in promotion of their products’ health benefits.

Dr. Camire has been an IFT member since 1986.  For over 13 years Dr. Camire served as an IFT food science communicator and later as an IFT spokesperson to advance the field of food science as well as educate the public about IFT.  Dr. Camire feels that promoting sound science in lay publications is every bit as important as instructing my students in the classroom.  On IFT’s behalf she has testified in U.S government hearings on topics ranging from dietary supplement labeling to safety of imported foods. 

Dr. Camire has served our food science field as a panelist on U.S. Department of Agriculture competitive grant panels, and she was also the panel manager for post-harvest food safety competitive grants and the Small Business Innovative Research Food Science and Nutrition panel. Her expertise has been sought for grant reviews by funding agencies in Finland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, and other nations. Despite living in a small, rural state, she has mentored students from several nations and has made presentations on four continents.