Our Purpose

Our Mission

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) exists to advance the science of food. Our long-range vision is to ensure a safe and abundant food supply contributing to healthier people everywhere.

Our Commitment

We strive to provide an inclusive and welcoming community for all food science and technology professionals and the knowledge and tools they need to enhance their professional capacity and competency.

Our Focus

As an organization, IFT is focusing its work in four main areas, or “roles and goals.” Each is wide-reaching and helps to advance our mission.

Steward for the Profession and its Community

Provide learning, networking and leadership development experiences that enable food science and technology professionals to become leaders in the global food science community.

Research Champion and Innovation Catalyst

Champion emerging sciences and foster technology development, application and transfer to increase funding for food-related research and to support innovation in food science.

Influential Advocate and Trusted Spokesorganization

Engage in advocacy and communication efforts that enhance recognition of the profession and result in increased understanding and application of the science of food.

Global Citizen and Partner

Proactively contribute to, and be a partner for, the global advancement and application of the science of food.

IFT members are the common thread binding these roles and goals. Each program, service, and initiative that we undertake is knowledge-based, mission-driven, and addresses the needs of IFT members. Whether through networking opportunities, continuing education programs, or a desire to give back to the global scientific community and the profession, our focus on these roles and goals enhances our members’ abilities to enrich the world and to be enriched by their own experiences.

“I need the food science community to help me do my work… and they're all here at IFT.”

Michelle Perchonok
Michele Perchonok