Janet Collins Shares Thoughts on IFT’s
75th Anniversary Plans

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2014 marks the 75th anniversary of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). The 75th anniversary of the Annual Meeting & Food Expo falls one year later, in July of 2015.

These milestones allow us to celebrate the impact the science of food has had over the past 75 years, as well as to tell the story of the future potential of food science and technology. To that end, IFT will focus on several new initiatives. These include:

•  75th anniversary celebratory activities
•  Annual Meeting & Food Expo re-envisioning and re-branding
•  A new interview series and documentary program

To tell our story, we will launch a new program called FutureFood 2050, which will begin in 2014 and continue through the IFT Annual Meeting in 2015. Under the FutureFood 2050 umbrella, we’ll develop an interview series featuring 75 interviews with prominent figures, influencers, and personalities in the food world and beyond. Led by an editorial team and featuring a range of different interviews, these stories will generate opportunities to raise a dialogue on the future promise of the profession and its ability to solve food challenges that are on the horizon.

This will lead to a second high-profile promotional opportunity. Based on the 75 interviews, a team consisting of a film director, editors, Board advisors, and IFT staff will identify compelling story angles and develop a feature-length documentary-style production. Through personal stories, the film will focus on how food science is contributing to improving the world through sustainable solutions for the future. By shifting the conversation to science, the goal will be to educate the public on how we will solve future food challenges through the science of food. Based on Board of Directors approval, staff is currently working closely with Board advisors and a communications agency to develop next steps in the program, leading to a rollout in 2014.

The 75 interviews and documentary program will serve as a bridge between the celebrations in 2014 and 2015 by creating an ongoing promotional platform that to touches on a variety of themes, from feeding the world sustainably to working on the cutting edge, and more. Look for more detail on this program to follow in early 2014.

If you’re interested in getting the word out now about the positive contributions food science is making, you don’t have to wait. Visit our World Food Day page for access to resources you can use in your own outreach efforts.