Benefits of Mentoring

Mentoring really is something that can benefit everyone. As well as helping the mentee develop and advance through their career, the mentor can gain extra skills and understanding from the partnership

This page will outline the general benefits first, before going on to the specific ones for the different sub groups. To skip ahead to these click on the appropriate heading.

The benefits to ...


  • Mentoring helps both the mentee and the mentor recognise their abilities and limitations, thus highlighting areas for future development.
  • It helps prompt thought about career development and come to a realistic conclusion about their career potential.
    It can help increase the motivation of both the mentee and the mentor. The mentee gains a new direction or perspective while the mentor feels a sense of achievement when their mentee succeeds.
  • It will develop communication skills. As well as the obvious listening/questioning skills, you will gain experience of talking to a younger or older colleague. This could help you interact better with your own immediate colleagues at work or university.
  • You will be grooming future allies. Within the same company this could help with internal promotion prospects for both the mentee - gaining a senior supporter, and for the mentor - being seen as someone able to communicate with staff at any level and with an interest in developing future leaders within the company. In addition the mentor or mentee may find themselves in a position where they are looking for a career change or new position. By developing contacts in other companies you can find out early if there is a vacancy that would suit you.
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