Career Resources

Career Center
Looking for a job? Find your next career with the IFT Career Center. Looking for new hires? Attract top industry employers. Check back frequently as new jobs and resumes are posted every day. 

Career Center at the IFT Annual Meeting
IFT’s Career Center at the IFT Annual Meeting combines informal networking opportunities for potential job seekers and hiring companies, as well as formal pre-scheduled interview opportunities for companies with immediate hiring needs. 

Salary Surveys
IFT conducts its Membership Employment & Salary Surveys every 2 years. These examine the income of IFT members who represent all types of professionals employed in food science and technology. The surveys have served as a valuable resource for members and others practicing in the food science and technology industry, as well as human resources personnel food companies.

This virtual match up service offers an easy way for mentors and mentees to connect.  eCareerMentor provides a flexible time commitment depending upon the needs of the mentee and availability of the mentor.  Mentors complete a profile including what assistance they can give. Individuals seeking guidance can search the mentor profiles and complete a Mentee profile to request an engagement. Mentees initiate engagements. Mentors are able to approve, approve with changes or decline the engagement.

Professional Development Courses
With IFT online courses, you’ll gain practical, relevant knowledge with a minimal investment of your time. Access business skill development, including business management, communication/leadership skills, project management, negotiation skills, and more.

Networking & Events
IFT organizes, supports, co-sponsors and hosts several meetings in its effort to provide the food community an opportunity to exchange ideas and information. A great way to network with industry peers is through IFT's Section meetings and Suppliers nights.

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