IFT Fellows Nomination Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the IFT Fellows Program and nomination process. The IFT Nominations will open October 2019.

Fellow Nomination Guidelines:

The IFT Fellow designation is an honor bestowed upon an IFT member by their peers, recognizing exemplary achievement in the science of food profession.

The nomination of a Fellow should include evidence for exemplary accomplishments in the areas of scholarly advancement, service to the food science and technology profession, inspiration of others to excel in the food science and technology field, primary responsibility for the success of a new food product, and improvement of the human condition via food science and technology.

While nominating, please ensure you review the nomination statement guidelines to make certain the nominees accomplishments are highlighted and articulated through the nomination statement. Please consider the importance of detailing achievements and impact of the nominee’s work, rather than simply bullet pointing work history.  

The Fellows Task Force has provided an additional FAQ resource for the 2019 nomination process.

In the event of conflicting information, this web page is most up to date and applies to the 2019 Fellows Nomination process.

Qualifications and Criteria

Election as an IFT Fellow is a unique professional distinction conferred only on a living person with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience for overall contributions in the field of food science and technology. 

The nominee must be an active member of the profession and must have been a non-student IFT member for at least 15 consecutive years. The Nomination Statement should summarize the outstanding accomplishments that justify election as an IFT Fellow.

As you complete the nomination, please consider the importance of specifying achievements, rather than simply listing work history.  It is critical to be descriptive to share impact of nominee’s work and influence within the profession.

How to Nominate

  1. You must be an IFT member who is not a current Fellow jury member. Student members may also submit nominations.

  2. Nominee is qualified as outlined under the Qualifications and Criteria as listed above.

  3. Complete the 2020 Fellows Nomination and be prepared to submit by uploading the following:
  • Write a Nomination Statement, addressing each component outlined on the 2019 Fellows Nomination webpage. Limit statements to four pages with 1 inch margins 11 or 12 point font. Download Nomination Statement Guidelines (PDF).
  • One page or less Nominee Career History limited to job titles, employer, location and dates of employment.
  • One reference letter completed by an IFT Fellow is required. See the Reference tab below for full requirements.

Reconsideration of Nominees

If your nominee is not elected a Fellow you may re-nominate in a subsequent year. There is no automatic re-submission. Ineligible nominations will be returned and late nominations may be considered in later years.

The jury will evaluate nominee's submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Impact
  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Reference - Deadline of submission: February 1, 2020

The jury will evaluate nominee's submissions based on the following criteria:

Impact to the profession (55%)

Please document and describe three or more of the following achievements (a-k):

a) Exceptional market or consumer impact of projects and products.

b) Stellar achievements and management of food industry research and development.

c) Recognized innovation in product and process development.

d) Outstanding achievements in implementing food safety, quality, and environmental management systems.

e) Significant food policies that were implemented, improved, or invented.

f) Original research with major impact on the academic, industrial, or regulatory world.

g) Innovative food science programs created, improved, or implemented.

h) Exemplary communication or educational achievements that improve the understanding of food.

i) An outstanding reputation among recognized leaders not in the discipline of food science.

j) Creative ideas that are now widely implemented.

k) Global impact of above achievements.

Exceptional service to IFT (30%)

Please document and describe one or more (a-c) of the following actions by this nominee:

a) How was IFT served (divisions, sections, committees, task forces, etc.)?

b) For nominations outside of the United States, how were partner professional scientific societies or organizations served?

c) How was the mission, strategic plan, and core values of IFT or the profession of food science and technology advanced?

Honors, awards, recognition and leadership (10%)

Please document and describe any of the following:

a) Major awards and significance of each (please do not list presentations or conferences).

b) Appointments to or leadership of major local, federal, or international decision making bodies.

c) Achievements on governing boards, directorships, or advisory groups.


Reference from a current IFT Fellow (5%)

Deadline for submission: February 1, 2019

Following the nominator’s upload, the reference will be contacted via email with instructions to submit the reference letter through this application portal. The confidential reference will go directly to IFT by the author and may not be reviewed by either the nominee or nominator.

The reference from an IFT Fellow must use this reference letter template (DOC) to upload a two-page or less letter. This should include duration and details of any relationship with the nominee. [Click here to view the list of IFT Fellows] The reference must provide a critical quality evaluation of the nominee. It critiques the credentials and the quality of the fellow nomination based on professional knowledge. You may send a copy of the nomination and either the reference letter template or this URL to the reference writer.

To advance your nomination to the Fellows Jury, IFT must receive ONE reference from a current IFT Fellow. Additional letters will not be reviewed by the jury.


2019 IFT Fellows Nominations

IFT has implemented a new award portal powered by Wizehive applications system. Click here for step by step instructions to submit a nomination.

Please contact awards@ift.org
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