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2013 Board Orientation

2013 Board Orientation
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522 days ago

2014 Lead 360

2014 Lead 360
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151 days ago

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Have a question to pose to the entire IFT community? An interesting or hilarious food fact? Want to congratulate someone for a promotion? You've found the right place! Use this community for posts you want all members to see.
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987 days ago

Anticipatory Foresight Design Workgroup

Anticipatory Foresight Design Workgroup
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150 days ago

Aquatic Food Products

This group of members focuses on all aspects of the science and technology of fish and shellfish. Discuss harvesting, production, preparation, processing, utilization, nutrition, marketing, and more.
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1335 days ago


Members focus on the opportunities and challenges associated with biotechnology. Explore this multidisciplinary life-sciences field and discuss topics ranging from gene splicing and plant breeding to microbial fermentation and plant cell culture.
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1380 days ago

Cactus Section

Cactus Section
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1057 days ago


Join this group to share your interest and expertise in carbohydrates. Explore carbohydrate manufacture, characterization, function, and use.
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1335 days ago

CFS in Canada

To network among the Certified Food Scientist of Canada
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340 days ago

CFS in the Philippines

A pool of certified food scientists based in the Philippines, advancing awareness (in theory and in practice) about the key role of food science and technology to the society.
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86 days ago