February 2013

Oregon Section IFT

Dawn Merrill

Question & Answer with Dawn Merrill, Chair

Where did the idea for your new video come from?
The idea to shoot a promotional video for OSIFT came from Linda Wechsler (2012-2013 Chair-Elect) and myself during a strategy session prior to our annual summer planning meeting. She and I agreed that we wanted to promote ourselves in a way that hadn’t been done before, and visually demonstrate the unique and fun organization we are. At the time, we thought it would be great to do a video, though we weren’t sure how to make it all happen – it turned out to be remarkably uncomplicated.

What was the creative process like and what do you hope the outcomes will be?
We met with our producers several times prior to the video shoot. In those meetings we discussed our organization, what makes us special, how we are tied to IFT, and what our future looks like as a section/global organization. We wanted the focus to be on promoting the section and recruiting new members. Our videographers have done this type of work before, and were very helpful in structuring the content after our initial meetings. From there, we gathered a few members of our organization to tell their story and/or act in our scenes for the b-roll footage. The end result should be a video that highlights the benefits of membership and  reveals our collective local personality.
What’s next for the Oregon Section IFT? 
OSIFT is ready for 2013! It’s incredible to look back over the last couple of months and see all that we’ve done (including events such as a holiday food drive for our local food bank, and student night to celebrate OSU’s food and fermentation science accomplishments); but there is more to come! We have our first monthly meeting of the new year on February 5, 2013, followed by our annual Food Ingredient Expo (FIX)/Supplier’s Night on February 25, 2013. We will have over 250 suppliers ready and willing to assist local food technologists in a smaller, casual setting; and we will host technical sessions on pertinent regulatory information. Food will be provided, and OSU students will put together cheese platters as part of a fundraiser for their club. This is by far our biggest event, so if you really want to see OSIFT in action, plan to come to Portland that night – we’d love to see you.