March 2013

Cactus Section IFT

Question & Answer with Lynn Abarr-Boubelik, Chair of the Cactus Section IFT

What is new and exciting with the Cactus Section IFT?

We have launched our nCactus Sectionew website thanks to the support of IFT.  We also have a number of events coming up.
  •  On March 9th, we will have a day at spring training with section members.
  • On April 2nd we will host our first Suppliers' Night in nearly 20 years.
  • We will also have our inaugural golf tournament on May 4th.
  • In June we have arranged a tour at Fairytale Brownies.

That will make seven meetings/events for the year.

How have your members responded to all of the revitalization activities you have been working on?

Our members are amazed at all the activity and the comments we are receiving are wonderful. They love the new website, events and Suppliers' Night.

For sections that may be thinking about starting a Suppliers' Night, what advice can you give them about the process or things to look out for?

Take the appropriate amount of time to plan (minimum 1-2 years) and have a dedicated committee for support!