April 2012

Keystone Section:
Question and Answer with Andy Hirneisen, Chair  

When was the Keystone Section established?

The Keystone Section was originally part of the Philadelphia section. In 1989, the Keystone Section became its own separately incorporated section.
How did you become interested in volunteering for the Keystone Section?

I was first introduced to the Keystone Section while attending college as a food science major at Penn State. When I began working for The Hershey Company, I met some of the Keystone Section officers. Hershey's support of professional organizations like IFT encouraged me to get involved at the local level. Serving as the chair has allowed me to give back to the section and all that I gained as a student and young professional.

What has been the most well attended section event?

We recently held a joint meeting with the Philadelphia Section. This was the first joint meeting since the establishment of the Keystone Section. Doug Peck from Silgan Containers was our guest speaker who gave a talk on sustainable packaging.

What are a couple of fun facts associated with the Keystone Section?

  • There are 3 IFT sections located in Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Sections cover the eastern and western edges of the state while Keystone Section spans the geographical region in between.
  • The Keystone Section interviews scholarship applicants from Pennsylvania State University's food science department.
  • Currently, all of our section officers are employed by a chocolate company, Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate or The Hershey Company.


PSU Scholarship winners

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