February 2012

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Iowa Section: Question & Answer with Teresa Busch, Chair-Elect

Iowa Section

When was the Iowa Section established?
The Iowa Section was organized in 1947 and the section charter was dated June 6, 1948.

How did you become interested in volunteering for the Iowa Section?
After being a member of IFT for quite awhile, I was in a good place to offer my time and efforts as a volunteer. IFT really supports professional development and the promotion of food science as a career. 

I was in the middle of serving a term as Secretary of the Wisconsin Section when I relocated to Iowa.  The Iowa Section was very welcoming and after attending a few meetings, I was asked to run for Member-at-Large.

I would recommend that new members reach out to their local sections and become involved; it is an excellent way to expand your network and learn about the food industry in your region. 

What was the most well attended section event in 2011?
Our most well attended section event was held in November 2011. We started with a tour of the Eurofins Scientific laboratories followed by dinner at Proof Restaurant in Des Moines.

What is a fun fact associated with the Iowa Section?                    
One of our very first section meetings was a dinner held in January 1952 at the Pine Room of Iowa State University Memorial Union. The cost of dinner was approximately $1.32.

Northern California:  Question & Answer with Carol Cooper, Chair

When was the Northern California Section established?
The Northern California Section (NCIFT) was founded in 1941; it was the second section to be established after the Chicago Section. William Cruess, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, was one our founding members. There is an IFT Achievement Award named after Cruess which is sponsored by NCIFT.

How did you become interested in volunteering for the Northern California Section?
I worked for the Food Science and Technology Department at University of California Davis in the mid-1970's. I began my career as a food science librarian and was introduced to NCIFT by a colleague. When she left the department, she suggested that I take over her position with NCIFT. After joining the organization I could see how much students benefited from the networking and career development opportunities with NCIFT.

What has been the most well attended section event in 2011?
Our most well-attended event for the past several years has been our holiday meeting held in the first part of December. This year we had 98 attendees and our student members raised more than $500 from our annual raffle.

What is a fun fact associated with the Northern California Section?
At least nine IFT Presidents have been a member of NCIFT.