June 2012

Lake Erie Section IFT
Question & Answer with Devon Durkee, Webmaster

When was the Lake Erie Section established?

The Lake Erie Section was established in 1968.

How did you become interested in volunteering for the Lake Erie Section?

Through a mutual friend, I met Jim Jasko who is a long-time member of the Lake Erie Section. Not long after that, I was approached at a section meeting to join the board. I have been the webmaster ever since!

What has been the most well- attended section event in 2011?

Our most popular event is our cooking demonstration at the Viking Range Corporation. Our section started this annual tradition at our March meeting, the event has sold out every time.

What are a couple of fun facts associated with your section?

  • Two of the largest companies located within the geographical region of our section create some of the most widely known household brands, Nestle and J.M. Smucker Company.
  • Even though there is an active food industry in northeast Ohio, our region doesn’t have food science universities that are close by.