Section Pilot Program

Rationale for Sections

IFT sections exist because there is a community of food industry professionals in a defined geographic area with IFT members who see a need for locally relevant activities designed to promote the strategic mission and vision of IFT.  Sections are delegated responsibility and must be accountable for all activities at the local level in recognition that they have been empowered to be the visible face of brand IFT in their geographic locale.


The IFT Board of Directors has tasked the Section Engagement Advisory Panel with identifying and determining the best systems and processes to foster a consistent membership experience.  The panel was created based on the recommendations of the Member Value Proposition Advisory Panel, and the end goal is to provide a membership experience that is globally consistent and locally relevant with a clear message of “We are all IFT!”

The Section Engagement Advisory Panel has participated in two face-to-face meetings, several conference calls, facilitated the section roundtable discussions at the Strategic Leadership Forum, and hosted communication at the 2011 Town Hall meeting at our Annual Meeting & Food Expo. The panel is comprised of IFT members representing IFT sections of different geographic locations and sizes.  The panel members have identified elements, tools, and resources they believe will provide a globally consistent and locally relevant membership experience.  IFT has developed the systems and processes to test the panel’s recommendations by working with sections that volunteered to pilot our new IFT membership experience.
Looking Good DC

Congratulations to the Washington DC Section of IFT for the launch of their new website:

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