Officer Directory 2018-2019 Board of Directors


Elected Officers (Voting)

E Clark
Elizabeth Clark
Virginia Tech

VP of Chapter Engagement
B Tilyayev
Behrouz Tilyayev
McGill University

VP of Membership Engagement
A Johnson
Adrienne Johnson
Alabama A&M

VP of Competitions
Janam Pandya
Janam Pandya
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Advisor (3 Year Term)
Y Rogers
Yifat Rogers
General Mills


S Vanwees
Samantha VanWees
University of Wisconsin-Madison

VP of Volunteer Development
F Akharume
Felix Akharume
University of Kentucky

VP of Digital and Social Media
A Sia
Amanda Sia
Ohio State University

Member at Large
K Kanyuck
Kelsey Kanyuck
University of Birmingham (UK)

IFT Staff Liaison (Unlimited Term)
Amy Clarke Sievers
Amy Clarke Sievers
Institute of Food Technologists


Past President
M Vonstaden
Morgan Von Staden
Mississippi State

Member at Large
N Luna Guzman
Nayara Luna Guzmán
Cornell University

Member at Large
P Thirunathan
Praveena Thirunathan
University of Guelph

Member at Large
M Ecarma
Michelle Ecarma
University of Massachusetts Amherst


Area Meeting Chairs

Central Atlantic
Savana Everhart
North Carolina State

North Central Area
Leo Ernst
University of Nebrask

Southeast Area
Peyton Greenwood
Tuskegee University


Midwest Area
Anna Hayes & Erin Sukala
Purdue University

Pacific Northwest Area
Tiffany Flatman
Brigham Young University

South Central Area
Chelsea Tyus
Louisiana State University


North Atlantic Area
Holly Leung
University of Maine

Pacific Southwest Area
Maria Khalil
Chapman University


Competitions Chairs

Chapter of the Year
Megan Ooi
Oregon State

IFTSA & Mars Product Development
Elliot Dhuey
Ohio State University

Undergraduate Research
Sophia Pinton
Virginia Tech


College Bowl
Lisa LaFountain
North Carolina State

Smart Snacks for Kids Product Development
Marie Lawton
Cornell University


Developing Solutions for Developing Countries
Roxanne Smith
Virginia Tech