Education Standards for Approved Undergraduate Programs

The primary objective of the educational program of IFT is the professional development of food scientists to the highest degree possible. To this end, IFT has developed these Education Standards to provide assistance to colleges and universities for evaluating the effectiveness of academic selection, guidance, and preparation of undergraduate students. Application of these education standards is intended to promote continued excellence in food science education. Students with the skills designated by these standards will have the foundation for continued professional development. It is the intent of these standards to foster rigorous scientific training and to develop professional skills for students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science food science curriculum. 

The final 2011 Guidelines were approved by the IFT Board of Directors in April 2011. Programs are reviewed by the Higher Education Review Board (HERB) which is a four-year appointed position. Appointments are made by the IFT Office of the President.

The 2011 Standards incorporate the following major changes from the 2001 Standards:

  • One document that combines all the information that was in two documents.
  • FS program applicants will have the opportunity to view sample sections of applications from recently approved universities (where there was none before).
  • Application for 5-year Re-Approval asks for less information than for initial approval.
  • A 3 – 4 page annual report must be submitted by August 31 of each year to document program or course assessments completed the previous year. In the past, once a program was approved, there was no communication from the program until a renewal application was submitted five years later.
  • HERB members familiar with assessment processes will provide feedback to each program's annual assessment report.
  • HERB and IFT's Education Division will develop and sponsor Webcasts as well as education workshops at IFT Annual meetings on best practices on teaching and learning and in outcomes and assessment.
  • There are seven appendices in the new guidelines that contain checklists, forms, and rubrics to assist programs applying for IFT approval and re-approval.

2011 Resource Guide for Approval and Re-Approval of Undergraduate Food Science Programs

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Approved Undergraduate Programs
Program Contact:
Alexandra Santau
Director of Academic Excellence and Higher Education Review Board


List of IFT Approved Undergraduate Programs

Standards for Approved Undergraduate Programs

Resources for Approval, Re-Approval and Assessment

Initial Application & Renewal:

All initial applications, 5 year renewal applications, and annual reports are due to IFT by August 31 each year. You may submit your application online by visiting the IFT Undergraduate Program Approval Application Submission Page.