IFT Undergraduate Program Approval Application Submission Page

IFT’s Higher Education Review Board was created to assist programs through assessment of learning outcomes, to enhance excellence in food science education; assist programs to gain IFT approval; review approved  programs every five years, ensuring that they continue to maintain to these Education Standards; and review the Education Standards at least every ten years, making needed changes as appropriate. The current IFT education Standards were developed by the 2011 Guidelines Task Force in conjunction with IFT’s Higher Education Review Board, as charged by the Board of Directors of IFT.

The 2011 Guidelines for approval are being revised in 2018. During the time of revisions in 2018, HERB-approved undergraduate food science programs receive an automatic 1-year extension of approval. Please DO NOT SUBMIT any initial applications, 5-year renewals, or annual reports in 2018. All programs affected by these changes have been notified in detail, and will be part of the ongoing dialogue regarding the revisions. Please stay tuned for updates and invitations to provide feedback! In the meantime, please reach out with any questions to Alexandra Santau, Ph.D., at asantau@ift.org

Approved Undergraduate Programs
Program Contact:
Alexandra Santau
Director of Academic Excellence and Higher Education Review Board


List of IFT Approved Undergraduate Programs

Standards for Approved Undergraduate Programs

Resources for Approval, Re-Approval and Assessment

Initial Application & Renewal:

All initial applications, 5 year renewal applications, and annual reports are due to IFT by August 31 each year. You may submit your application online by visiting the IFT Undergraduate Program Approval Application Submission Page.