How to Remain an Active IFTSA Chapter

IFT Student Association Chapter Agreement

In an effort to provide all IFT Student Association Chapters with a unified membership experience and to uphold the true spirit of IFTSA membership, this document serves as the minimum criteria by which all Chapters must abide by to maintain active Chapter status and compete in the IFTSA Chapter of the Year Competition

Although IFTSA awards individual Chapters flexibility in its structure and governance, it is recommended that Chapters utilize the IFTSA Chapter Operations Manual for general information regarding the typical structure and function of IFTSA Chapters.

All existing IFTSA Chapters (both currently active and dormant) will have by June 1st annually to comply to the minimum criteria as stated below.

Chapters that fail to comply after said date, or those chapters that fail to comply for consecutive years hereafter, may be subject to Chapter termination. Upon Termination, Chapters must reapply for both IFTSA and IFT Board approval before they will be recognized as an IFTSA Chapter

Minimum Chapter Criteria: Required for Active Chapter Status

  1. Annually provide IFT with complete listing of clubs officers for current year by September 30  (all must be active IFT student members)
  2. Officer Report Form

  3. Provide Chapter Faculty Advisor (must be an active IFT member)
  4. Provide number of active chapter members
  5. Includes IFTSA members (paid members of IFTSA) and non-IFTSA members
  6. Number of meetings & dates meetings held
  7. Minimum 3 per calendar year
  8. Participate in at least one of the following IFTSA activities/event or a qualifying event within the past 2 years
  9. Area Meeting
  10. Chapter Leadership Workshop at the IFT annual event
  11. IFTSA Global Summit
  12. Contribute to the IFTSA Blog:
  13. Hold an elected or appointed position on the IFTSA Board of Directors
  14. Compete in any of the current IFTSA competitions (examples listed below)*
  1. Chapter of the Year Competition
  2. College Bowl Competition
  3. Developing Solutions for Developing Countries Competition
  4. IFTSA Smart Snacks for Kids Product Development Competition
  5. Food Communicators Workshop
  6. Excellence in Leadership Award
  7. IFTSA & MARS Product Development Competition
  8. Thesis Video Competition
  9. Undergraduate Research Competition

*Competitions and competition names are subject to change based on sponsorship of activities

For the 2017-2018 Academic year, this information is being gathered through two tools. Additional information is being gathered to determine how best to support each chapter. Both must be completed by June 1.

Chapter Health Tool Part 1




Chapter Health Tool Part 2




Contact Amy Clarke Sievers, Student and New Professional Relations Manager with questions.