Competitions & Awards

IFT Student Association Competitions provide student members of IFT the unique opportunity to compete, individually or on teams. Don't miss out!


Chapter of the Year

Excellence in Leadership Award

IFT17 Go With Purpose Global Challenge

College Bowl

College Bowl

Product Development Competitions

28th Annual IFTSA & MARS Product Development CompetitionDue February 1
Sponsored by MARS Chocolate North America

IFTSA Developing Solutions for Developing Countries CompetitionDue January 15

Smart Snacks for Kids – Due February 15

Research Competitions

IFTSA Thesis Video CompetitionDue April 1
Sponsored by Campden BRI

Undergraduate Research CompetitionDue March 1

JFSE Food Science In Action ContestDue April 10

IFTSA Tips for Success
IFTSA Competitions: Tips for Success

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