Student Food Innovators

The IFTSA Student Food Innovators (SFI) program develops an intensive learning environment at the IFT annual meeting to  give students a real-life laboratory to discover solutions, apply theory to practice, and ultimately understand how global collaboration will advance innovation in the science of the food. Participants will form collaborative teams, choose a case study, and be challenged to develop solutions using the vast knowledge available through the over 100 scientific educational sessions and 1,000 exhibitors at the food expo. Experienced and passionate professional mentors will be available to provide guidance to teams.

Specially designed for first-time attendees but open to all students at the annual event, SFI will kick off with the First-Timers Session on Sunday afternoon, June 2. The program will run throughout IFT19; wrapping up with a mentor-participant session on Wednesday morning. Participation in SFI will help students to better navigate and utilize the IFT annual meeting and prepare them to return to future meetings with even greater confidence, skills, and excitement.

Register now and join other students to solve global food issues, meet and network with experienced professionals, explore the food expo, and learn how everything at the IFT annual meeting can help you to Feed your Future


This program is based on the Global Challenge program that occurred at both IFT17 and IFT18. Following the 2018 Global Challenge, teams were challenged to create short videos about their experience and outcome. Check out their videos below to meet the participants and learn about the global challenge program.

  • In 2017, IFTSA was awarded an Innovation Grant from the American Society of Association Executives to pilot The Go with Purpose Global Challenge as a novel method of student engagement by offering a forum for global innovation and collaboration. This program challenged students to think creatively and critically about global food issues throughout. Learn more about the 2017 Program. Participants presented during the Keynote of the 2017 Global Summit.

    Go With Purpose

    IFT17 Global Challenge Participants and Mentors posing with IFT Board and IFT Student Association Leadership


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