Set Up a Day of Service

Why: Giving back to the greater good is something that many of our members are looking for. By having a social or networking event at a food bank or food depository your members will be able to give back while still having fun! Plus it’s a great way to kick off the year and it’s something different! Also, September is Hunger Action month for Feeding America which lends itself to many opportunities within your community to volunteer towards the goal of ending hunger in America.

When: Work with your local food bank/depository preferably anytime in September. 

Where: Your local food bank or food depository! Below you can search for the nearest Feeding America food bank(s) and depositories.



  1. Read through the volunteer tool kit and suggested timeline created by Feeding America. Keep in mind that this timeline is very conservative and that the timing involved in planning an event varies.
  2. Reach out to your food bank and find out when they can accommodate a large group of volunteers.
  3. Once some dates are identified, find out how many of your members can volunteer on each date and choose the one with the most volunteers, and let the location know ahead of time.
  4. Publicize the date, time, location, and activity. 

On the date of the event don’t forget to take photos and email them to Don't forget to inlcude the metrics from your day of service, which you can get from the food bank (include things like pounds moved, # of volunteers and/or # of volunteer hours, etc.). You can also encourage your members to wear similar colored shirts.

Remember to have fun!

Volunteer Toolkit

Feeding Tomorrow Toolkit

Download PDF:
Feeding Tomorrow's volunteer tool kit