Eligibility Requirements The Graduate Scholarship Program encourages and supports graduate research and education in food science and food technology.

The Graduate Scholarship Program encourages and supports graduate research and education in food science and food technology. 


Student applicants must possess a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and an exemplary interest in food science and research together with demonstrated scientific aptitude. Research in such disciplines as genetics, horticulture, nutrition, microbiology, biochemistry, engineering, chemistry, etc. is not eligible unless it is directly related to the student's research program in food science, except as otherwise noted.

The school of enrollment can be any educational institution conducting fundamental investigations for the advancement of food science and food technology, unless there are stated exceptions of scholarship criteria for sponsored scholarships.

The following information must be included in the application:

  • Name, school address, home address, email and telephone number(s).
  • Degrees held, date received and department and institution where degrees were received.
  • Degree and date degree is expected. Department and institution where study will be conducted.
  • Statement outlining student's career objectives.
  • List of extracurricular activities and hobbies.
  • List of awards, honors, and scholarships received.
  • Detailed information regarding publications and presentations.
  • Summary of work experience.

An official transcript of all college level courses completed must be included with the graduate application. Applications without official transcripts will be disqualified. One letter of recommendation from deans, department heads, professors, or supervisors who have supervised the applicant or are familiar with the academic work of the applicant must also be included. The letter should emphasize applicant's capabilities with respect to the purpose and eligibility requirements of the scholarships.


A student who is enrolled in graduate studies leading to an M.S. or PhD at the time the scholarship becomes effective is eligible.

A scholarship award winner that withdraws from school, graduates early or substantially alters his/her research program during tenure of the scholarship award, must forfeit his/her scholarship. The balance of the scholarship will revert to the general fund of Feeding Tomorrow or will be returned to the donor at the discretion of the donor.

Incomplete applications and applications in which the grades have not been converted to the A=4.0 system will be disqualified.  Applications received after the deadline will be disqualified.

There are no scholarship renewals. Current scholarship holders must re‑apply the following year on the same basis as new applicants.  All scholarship recipients must be an IFT student association (IFTSA) member to qualify for a scholarship award.