September 2016

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September 2016


  • Fueling Food Science Growth at IFT16
    Mary Ellen Kuhn
    Speakers and food expo exhibitors at IFT’s annual event addressed the challenges and opportunities created by consumers’ changing expectations.
  • Can Transparency Extinguish Hot Air?
    Toni Tarver
    As food companies warm up to transparency, pseudoscientists may combine it with fearmongering to form a persuasive argument. Here’s how to disarm them.
  • Finding New Ways to Give Consumers What They Want
    A. Elizabeth Sloan
    Plant-based protein, healthy fats and oils, and sodium-reduction options were among the high-profile ingredient trends at the IFT16 food expo.
  • Winning Innovations Reflect Today’s Food Trends
    Bob Swientek
    Three companies won the 2016 Food Expo Innovation Award for their advances in natural meat curing, sonic-assisted oil recovery, and rapid yeast and mold testing.
  • Ingredients for an Era of Challenge and Change
    Karen Nachay and Melanie Zanoza Bartelme
    Ingredient suppliers came together at the IFT16 food expo to share a wealth of information with food industry professionals about how they can use their ingredients to formulate products that consumers will want to buy.
  • What’s the Buzz on Healthful Food Ingredients?
    Linda Milo Ohr
    New ingredient developments that address consumers’ health and wellness concerns were front and center at this year’s IFT16 food expo.
  • An Abundance of Food Safety & Quality
    Neil H. Mermelstein
    At IFT16, the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual event, in Chicago, July 16–19, 2016, numerous exhibits showcased tools and strategies for food safety and quality.
  • Food Processing in Action
    Tara McHugh
    Award-winning technology and equipment debuts were among the processing highlights at the IFT16 annual event.
  • The Packaging Scene at IFT16
    Claire Koelsch Sand
    How food packaging can enable clean label foods, reduce food waste, and incorporate emerging food processing techniques was showcased at IFT16 in symposia, short courses, poster sessions, and exhibits.


John Coupland
Communicating the Science of Food
Karen Nachay
Global Trend Tracking
Kelly Hensel
Using Culinary to Showcase Ingredients
Roger Clemens
Cabbage Leaves Don’t Deliver Promised Benefit for Mothers
Food Technology Staff
Tastes of Tailgating
Melanie Zanoza Bartelme
Yogurt Innovation and the Next Kale

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