USDA releases biofuels action plan

October 7, 2008

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), in conjunction with the Department of Energy (DOE), announced the release of the National Biofuels Action Plan (NBAP). The NBAP is an interagency plan detailing the collaborative efforts of Federal agencies to accelerate the development of a sustainable biofuels industry.

The NBAP interagency activity will focus on seven key areas which include: sustainability, feedstock production, feedstock logistics and distribution infrastructure.

"Federal leadership can provide the vision for research, industry and citizens to understand how the nation will become less dependent on foreign oil and create strong rural economies," USDA Secretary Ed Schafer said. "This National Biofuels Action Plan supports the drive for biofuels growth to supply energy that is clean and affordable, and always renewable."

"The National Biofuels Action Plan is a strategic blueprint that shows us the way to meet the President's goal of meaningful biofuels production by the year 2022," DOE Secretary Samuel W. Bodman said. "And to do it in cost-effective, environmentally-responsible ways that utilize a science-based approach to ensure the next generation of biofuels that are made primarily from feedstocks outside the food supply that are produced sustainably."

DOE has dedicated more than $1 billion to research, development, and demonstration of cellulosic biofuels technology through 2009. Additionally, since 2006, USDA has invested almost $600 million for the research, development and demonstration of new biofuels technology.

USDA News Release

National Biofuels Action Plan Factsheet