Gum Technology develops complete egg replacer

September 19, 2008

Gum Technology is adding Coyote Brand® Baker’s 2 Egg Replacer to its line of all natural egg replacements. The newest addition was specifically designed to replace up to 100% of egg yolks and whites in baked goods. A similar egg replacement, Coyote Brand® Baker’s Egg Replacer replaces up to 50% of eggs in baked goods.

Gum Technology’s R&D Chef Sarah Martin says, “Replace eggs, reduce your costs and boost the fiber content in your baked goods. Replacing eggs helps to cut production costs, eliminates one of the most common food allergens, and creates possibilities for better vegan baking.”

The Baker’s 2 Egg Replacer product is comprised of sugarcane fiber, xanthan and guar gums.

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