American consumers set to embrace the digestive health movement

June 26, 2009

New research from Datamonitor shows that American consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the role of probiotics in digestive health, and therefore sales for probiotic food products, such as yogurts, are growing. “US consumers are now more knowledgeable regarding the relationship between fiber and digestive health and are seeking out more ways of safeguarding their health with functional foods,” said Mark Whalley, Consumer Markets Analyst, Datamonitor.

Manufacturers are responding to interest by incorporating probiotics into more foods that people eat every day, including desserts, such as ice creams, and even tomato ketchup. In addition, prebiotics—the lesser-known cousin of probiotics—are finding their way into a number of products, including breakfast cereals. It is this ease of consumption that is making digestive health regimes so appealing.

The future of foods and beverages that claim to improve digestive health is looking good. “People find these products appealing and, more importantly, they like how they taste. Digestive health has strong links with immunity health, which means that consumers feel better after eating their probiotic yogurts. This is what keeps them coming back for more. It’s therefore likely that, looking forward, digestive health products will go from strength to strength,” said Whalley.