House health care bill contains menu requirements

November 4, 2009

According to The Washington Times, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s 1,990-page health care reform bill (H.R. 3962) that was unveiled Oct. 29 includes a requirement for chain restaurants to post caloric information on their menus. Pages 1511–1519 of the bill outline the new laws for restaurants, mandating any restaurants operating in 20 or more locations post caloric information “prominently” on menus in a way that’s “designed to enable the public to understand, in the context of a total daily diet, the significance of the caloric information that is provided on the menu.”

That means all the big-name chains will need to post calorie counts next to their offerings, even on their drive-thru menus. The government will also ensure that vending machines show calorie counts, as well. The bill says that anyone who operates 20 or more vending machines “shall provide a sign in close proximity to each article of food or the selection button that includes a clear and conspicuous statement disclosing the number of calories contained in the article.”

The Washington Times article

H.R. 3962 (pdf)