FDA extends comment period for acrylamide notice

November 20, 2009

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has extended by 60 days the comment period for its Aug. 26, 2009 notice requesting comments and scientific data on acrylamide in food. Comments and data are now due by Jan. 25, 2010. The FDA’s August 2009 request was originally intended to coincide with the release of a National Institutes of Health report on a two year study on acrylamide. The release of that report has now similarly been delayed until early 2010.

FDA’s Aug. 26, 2009 notice summarized current information available to the FDA about acrylamide (including acrylamide formation, exposure, toxicology, levels in food, and mitigation techniques) and requested additional information and data about levels of acrylamide in food and acrylamide mitigation techniques. The FDA is particularly interested in information on practices that manufacturers have used to reduce acrylamide in food and the reductions in acrylamide levels that such practices have been able to achieve.

The FDA is considering issuing guidance for industry on reduction of acrylamide levels in food products. In addition, FDA believes that, for some foods, it may be feasible to recommend acrylamide levels that all manufacturers should be capable of achieving. Therefore, if the FDA decides to issue a guidance document, it may include guidance levels for acrylamide in some foods.

Federal Register notice (pdf)