Treatt USA appoints Reeve as CEO

August 9, 2010

Treatt plc has announced the appointment of Daemmon Reeve as Chief Executive Officer of Treatt USA. Reeve, previously employed by the Group’s principal operating subsidiary in the United Kingdom, R C Treatt & Co. Ltd., has 19 years of global industry knowledge and experience, having held positions in technical, operational, sales, and purchasing disciplines. In his role as CEO, Reeve will have responsibility for all business functions at Treatt USA, including sales and working with both R C Treatt and Treatt USA purchasing teams. He will retain overall responsibility for the group’s citrus purchasing.

Complimenting this restructuring and underlining the importance of customer focus, Douglas Rash, Treatt USA’s VP of Sales, has been appointed with effective immediately to the Board of Directors of Treatt USA. Rash has 20 years of global industry experience and brings to the Board his extensive knowledge of sales and business leadership.