Bioenergy Life Science unveils new Formulation Center

March 8, 2010

Bioenergy Life Science Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., launched its new RIBOSE Formulation Center to help food, beverage, and supplement manufacturers with RIBOSE product concept development, supplement formulations, functional food prototypes, and marketing information. Traditionally used to aid cardiovascular health, Bioenergy RIBOSE has begun making inroads in the energy and sports nutrition markets as a healthy, natural means of providing increased energy.

“Bioenergy is very excited to be introducing the RIBOSE Formulation Center,” said Kathy Lund, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Bioenergy Life Science. “Customers are expecting more in-depth product knowledge when formulating new products. This initiative will offer services related to concept and formulation development, making it easier for companies to create and formulate products featuring Bioenergy RIBOSE.”

The center features a dedicated team offering information to manufacturers interested in adding Bioenergy RIBOSE into existing products or investigating its potential for new products. A number of pilot scale prototypes have already been developed that include chocolates, oatmeal, cereals, and bars. From these prototypes and other products that have been developed, the Bioenergy team has a database of knowledge of how Bioenergy RIBOSE performs in a number of manufacturing conditions.

In addition to the team from Bioenergy, the center will also offer access to product development experts in the food and beverage industry. They include Joanne Haase and Sangeeta Patel. Haase is Founder of the Haase Consulting Group and has more than 25 years experience in consumer marketing. Patel is Founder of Product Solutions Inc., and has been involved in the formulation of over 500 nutritional and food products.

Press release (pdf)