A snack cake a day keeps the doctor away?

October 29, 2010

Given the obesity epidemic in the United States, a lot of effort has turned to developing strategies to reduce Americans’ waistlines. Usually, this involves promoting healthy eating and increasing exercise. However, in order to better understand dietary energy and its effect on health outcomes, Mark Haub, Associate Professor, Dept. of Nutrition at Kansas State University, initiated a “diet” made up of foods containing refined grain, added sugar, and solid fats (e.g., grain-based desserts like cookies and cakes). The question being, does it matter where our energy is derived if we meet the recommended daily allowance of essential nutrients? After four weeks on the diet (which also included a few low-calorie vegetables, whole milk, and a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement) Haub provides an update of his progress in IFT’s ePerspective blog. Has his health improved on his “diet”? What are the implications of his diet on the general public? Read Haub’s blog entry and share your opinion.

Mark Haub’s ePerspective