Cargill ground turkey production resumes in Arkansas

December 21, 2011

Ground turkey production has resumed at Cargill’s meat processing facility in Springdale, Ark., after the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved an enhanced food safety plan. The company suspended ground turkey production after voluntary recalls in August and September. Due to the resumption of ground turkey production, Cargill has brought back approximately 50 employees who were part of an early October, 130-person, layoff. More than 70 people had already been called back to work as job openings in other parts of the facility occurred.

During the past three months Cargill food safety scientists have been exploring all possible solutions to reduce the risk from Salmonella in ground turkey. One of four ground turkey production lines has been reactivated at Springdale and the other three will be reactivated over the coming weeks as part of a multiphase ramp-up of production at Springdale. To reach this point, Cargill took the following actions:

  • Complete reassessment and overhaul of the facility’s food safety plan;
  • Implementation of several new food safety measures, including more and better bacterial reduction steps throughout the process;
  • Creation of a three-phase ground turkey sampling and monitoring program;
  • Use of high pressure processing (HPP) to reduce Salmonella;
  • Development of an enhanced process control monitoring system to ensure all aspects of the company’s Salmonella control program are continuously generating the best possible results.

“Our quest for the safest food products possible is never ending,” said Steve Willardsen, President of Cargill Value Added Meats Retail. “With the collective knowledge, experience, and capabilities we’ve tapped to find solutions, we are confident in our ability to better ensure the safest ground turkey products available for consumers.”

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