Silliker wins accurate analyses awards

July 12, 2011

Silliker Canada Co. (Markham, Ontario) and Silliker Inc.’s Illinois laboratory were recently named 2010 recipients of AACC International Accuracy Awards. Silliker Canada Co. won the 2010 AACC International Analytical Accuracy Award for vitamin analyses, while Silliker Inc. Illinois won the 2010 AACC International Analytical Accuracy Award for dietary fiber analyses.

Over the past four years, the Markham laboratory has received nine AACC awards in three testing series (vitamin analyses; proximate and mineral analyses; and vitamins, minerals, and proximate analyses). Since 1996, the awards have been presented to AACC check sample service participants who submit the most accurate analyses in several testing series. Under the program, all AACC check sample participants are required to submit sample results six times each year.

“We place the utmost premium on providing our clients with precise and accurate results,” said Jocelyn Alfieri, Laboratory Director of Silliker Canada Co. “While our rigorous internal quality systems are respected industry-wide, our continued participation in AACC and other reputable proficiency programs further demonstrates our ability to meet the highest analytical standards.”