Tate & Lyle re-opens its U.S. sucralose facility

April 10, 2012

Tate & Lyle has announced the re-opening of its McIntosh, Ala., Splenda sucralose production facility. The re-start of its original Splenda sucralose facility, alongside its second facility in Singapore, reinforces Tate & Lyle’s position as a leading global provider of sucralose.

“Tate & Lyle’s continuing investment in sucralose manufacturing technology means that our two large-scale Splenda sucralose facilities in the U.S. and Singapore both operate at a level of efficiency, environmental stewardship, and sustainability surpassed by none, and have the highest standards of quality, traceability, and reliability for our customers,” said Olivier Rigaud, President, Specialty Food Ingredients, Tate & Lyle.

The McIntosh facility was the original manufacturing facility for Tate & Lyle’s global Splenda sucralose business, but was closed down in 2009 when Tate & Lyle achieved a breakthrough in manufacturing yields at its Singapore facility. The restart of production at McIntosh was assisted by the return of many of the previous employees at the facility.

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