Blue Diamond breaks ground for California plant construction

April 13, 2012

Blue Diamond Growers, a cooperative owned by more than half of California’s almond growers, has officially launched the first phase of its new manufacturing plant in Turlock, Calif. The first phase of the project is scheduled to be completed in May 2013. It will provide about 200,000 sq ft of building space for manufacturing and delivering new almond products worldwide. The three-phase project will eventually yield a total of about 500,000 sq ft of building space over the next 15 years.

Blue Diamond made its last major investment in 1968 in its Salida Plant. At that time, California was producing 140 million lbs of almonds. “Compare that to this year’s crop of about 2 billion lbs and you can better understand why we are making a major investment to expand our business,” said Mark Jansen, Blue Diamond President and CEO. “In our continuing efforts to deliver the benefits of almonds to the world, this project will allow us to expand our value-added product lines. It will seal our promise to be the global almond ingredients and consumer retail market leader so that we can continue to create the healthiest almond products in the world.”

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