USDA launches online nutrition SuperTracker

January 2, 2012

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has released the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s (USDA) new nutrition SuperTracker. The SuperTracker is a comprehensive resource available at designed to assist individuals as they make changes in their life to reduce their risk of chronic disease and maintain a healthy weight.

Release of this new web tool comes as the USDA highlights the second in a series of themed consumer messages supporting the MyPlate icon—“Enjoy Your Food, But Eat Less”—that the USDA is promoting the next three months in conjunction with more than 5,000 organizations participating in the MyPlate Nutrition Communicators Network.

“Overcoming the health and nutrition challenges we face as a nation is critical and the SuperTracker provides consumers with an assortment of tools to do just that,” said Vilsack. “This easy-to-use website will help Americans at all stages of life improve their overall health as they input dietary and physical activity choices into the tool.”

Consumers can access the free SuperTracker tool at anytime and can choose a variety of features to support nutrition and physical activity goals. SuperTracker offers consumers the ability toL

  • Personalize recommendations for what and how much to eat and amount of physical activity.
  • Track foods and physical activity from an expanded database of foods and physical activities.
  • Customize features such as goal setting, virtual coaching, weight tracking, and journaling.
  • Measure progress with comprehensive reports ranging from a simple meal summary to in-depth analysis of food groups and nutrient intake over time.
  • Operationalize the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines.
  • Support family and friends by adding their individual profiles.

Press release (pdf)