Q Laboratories opens new R&D facility

March 22, 2012

Q Laboratories has completed construction of its new 5,000-sq-ft microbiology research and development laboratory in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"This new facility will allow our Microbiology R&D Lab to not only continue to perform large-scale validation projects but also enable us to execute multiple projects simultaneously in a more efficient and expeditious manner," said David Goins, President of Q Laboratories Inc.

The completion of the new facility will allow other Q Laboratories' departments to expand into the space that the microbiology R&D department previously occupied. The microbiology R&D lab performs a number of third-party validations and research projects, client-designed studies, AOAC official methods of analysis and performance-tested methods studies, microbiological challenge studies, sanitizer and disinfectant efficacy studies, and MicroVal certification studies.

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