Mondelēz to invest $400 M in cocoa farming communities

November 19, 2012

Mondelēz International Inc. has unveiled “Cocoa Life”—the company’s largest, most comprehensive cocoa sustainability effort to date. The company will invest $400 million over the next 10 years to improve the livelihoods and living conditions of more 200,000 cocoa farmers and about one million people in cocoa farming communities. Cocoa Life will invest $100 million in Côte d’Ivoire—the world’s largest cocoa producing country—to help 75,000 farmers double their productivity.

Cocoa Life will collaborate with governments, civil society, and suppliers with a mission to transform the cocoa supply chain. The company is already working with third party experts such the United Nations Development Program, the World Wildlife Fund, and Anti-Slavery International to develop a robust set of principles for success and ways to measure progress.

Cocoa Life’s approach is to create win-win relationships and benefit farming communities by working with partners in four key ways:

  • Farming: Helping farmers improve their yields and livelihoods to earn larger incomes.
  • Community: Empowering cocoa farming families to create the kind of communities they and their children want to live in, while promoting gender equality.
  • Youth: Working towards eliminating child labor by helping communities tackle its root causes. Making cocoa farming a more attractive profession for the next generation.
  • Environment: Protecting the landscapes in which cocoa is grown to maintain eco-systems and provide viable environments and farming land for future generations.

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