Clextral acquires Chilean supplier Sudamerinox

November 28, 2012

Clextral, a leader in twin-screw extrusion for food material, has acquired its Chilean supplier Sudamerinox.

Since Clextral opened its subsidiary in Santiago, Chile, in 2002, it has imposed itself as a local supplier for the South American market. The opening of the Curitiba, Brazil, subsidiary at the beginning of 2012 has reinforced its position. Acquiring Sudamerinox means Clextral now employs 26 people in South America and a total of 280 employees worldwide. Frédéric Berrone, Sudamerinox’s General Manager and Founder, along with Eduardo Carrasco, Production Manager, will pursue their activities within Clextral Chili.

Sudamerinox specializes in mounting, welding, and manufacturing stainless steel subassemblies. Clextral’s newly acquired expertise and manufacturing unit will enable them to accelerate their expansion in North America as well as in Chili trading-partner countries.