EnWave, Milne to collaborate on pea, corn products

January 29, 2013

EnWave Corp. has signed an additional collaboration agreement with Milne Fruit Products Inc. to include the right to test and develop dried peas and corn using the company’s Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) technology. If product and market testing is successful, Milne will initiate commercial production for these products, increasing the breadth of their Microdried product line.

Milne has the right to exercise an option to license both pea and corn products for a period of up to 12 months. Licensing terms have been negotiated and if the option is taken, the existing commercial license signed with Milne will be amended for pea and corn processing exclusivity in the state of Idaho. All other terms of the amended agreement are confidential.

“Milne has demonstrated strong dedication to the commercial development of their Microdried product line,” said Tim Durance, Chairman and Co-CEO of EnWave. “They have been asked by prospective customers to develop specific Microdried products and we want to empower them as much as possible to facilitate their ability to convert these opportunities and achieve further success.”

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