Twinkies return July 15 with longer shelf life

July 8, 2013

According to CNNMoney, when Twinkies hit store shelves again on July 15 they will have almost twice the shelf life the former Twinkies had. The new Hostess Brands, which bought the rights and recipe to make Twinkies and other Hostess snacks out of bankruptcy court earlier this year, says that when Twinkies return they’ll have a 45-day shelf life, as opposed to the 26-day shelf life they previously had.

Hostess said it will start freezing about 10% of its shipments to retailers. Once received by retailers, the frozen snacks will be thawed before placed for sale. The retailers will stamp their own expiration date on the package. Hostess spokeswoman Hannah Arnold said that only retailers who ask for frozen shipments will get them, that the rest will get the traditional fresh product. She said the freezing process will not affect the taste of the Twinkies.

The longer shelf-life isn’t strictly new—the former Hostess Brands changed the recipe to extend the shelf-life on Nov. 1, 2012. But those products were made for little more than a week before the company ceased operations.

The new Twinkies will also be found in significantly more stores. They were in about 50,000 stores nationwide when the company shutdown, but the target is now to reach 110,000 locations by the end of this year.

CNNMoney article