Enzyme Development, Fytozimus Biotech to partner

July 22, 2013

Enzyme Development Corp. (EDC), New York, N.Y., has announced a partnership with Fytozimus Biotech, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. EDC will introduce Fytozimus Biotech’s Aspartic Acid Protease to the U.S. market.

Both companies are involved with plant-extracted enzymes. The Aspartic Acid Protease is extracted from the flower of Cynara cardunculus, a variety of thistle and a relative of the artichoke plant. The enzyme extracted is primarily a milk-clotting enzyme that can be used in cheese making. It is popular in Portugal and Spain and has been used since Roman times to create cheeses without animal-based rennet.

Both companies anticipate that a natural, non-GMO, vegetable-derived protease will offer unique opportunities to U.S. food processing companies beyond the traditional milk-clotting action.