BRF opens research center in Sao Paulo

June 21, 2013

BRF, an exporter of poultry meats and processor of dairy products, has opened its Innovation Center in Jundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The research center—equipped with modern laboratories, experimental kitchens and mini-plants for pilot production runs—is part of the company’s objective of doubling investments in research, development, and innovation by 2015.

The Center is equipped with instruments for product, packaging, and process research and occupies an area of 10,000 sq m. The former R&D centers of Sadia and Perdigao in Videira, Santa Catarina and Sao Paulo will now operate out of the Jundiai facility with the objective of capturing synergies between the research arm of the company and its other areas. The complex is divided into four areas: breeding and research, application, experimental kitchens, and sensorial analysis laboratories. Unlike previous  R&D centers, this new structure will have facilities for conducting tests in the form of specific mini-production lines for evaluation purposes.

“We now no longer need to depend on production units for undertaking tests. We shall be able to simulate large-scale production, project costs, and test the parameters of processes and quality of the new products,” said Nilvo Mittanck, BRF’s Vice President for Operations and Technology.

The complex also has five experimental kitchens for receiving different clients, allowing the performing of sensorial tests, training, demonstrations, and joint product development by BRF and its leading clients.

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