Labuza wins 2013 Harold Macy Award

March 19, 2013

The Institute of Food Technologists’ (IFT) Minnesota Section has named Theodore P. Labuza the winner of the 2013 Harold Macy Food Science & Technology Award. Labuza, Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition at the Univ. of Minnesota, was presented the award at the annual Macy Award meeting on March 18 in Bloomington, Minn.

The Macy Food Science & Technology Award—“Macy Award”—was established in 1981, and is given annually to recognize an outstanding example of food technology transfer or cooperation between scientists or technologists in any of the following settings: academic, government, and private industry. The purpose of the award is to advance the profession and practice of food technology and to honor Dr. Harold Macy, Dean Emeritus of the Univ. of Minnesota and Founding Member of IFT. The award consists of a plaque, $2,500 honorarium, and travel expenses.

Labuza’s foundational research in food science and technology has significantly advanced the abilities to globally source, develop, and distribute high quality, safe food products. His founding research includes: 1) the properties of water and effect on processing, packaging, and storage stability of foods, especially as related to physical and chemical stability; 2) physical chemistry and kinetics in processing and shelf life testing of foods; 3) time temperature integrators for food distribution; 4) the growth and death kinetics of pathogens; and most recently, 5) the inactivation kinetics of bioterror agents. His published works, which include more than 280 refereed research papers in 60 different journals, 18 books, 78 book chapters, and another 110 semi-technical papers, are among the most cited in the discipline. Labuza is an IFT member.

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