Mocon reorganizes to support global business

May 15, 2013

Mocon Inc., a manufacturer of package integrity instrumentation, has created four global business units to better support its international footprint. The four business units (and their headquarters) are: Permeation (Minneapolis, Minn.), Package Testing (Ringsted, Denmark), Industrial Analyzers (Lyons, Colo.) and Microbial Detection (Minneapolis, Minn.).

Over the past 15 years, Mocon has acquired multiple companies including Microanalytics in Texas, Baseline in Colorado, Lippke in Germany, and more recently, PBI-Dansensor in Denmark. The company has grown from a manufacturer of permeation equipment for packaging applications into also providing products and services for food safety, medical device, pharmaceuticals, mud logging, gas monitoring, aroma/odor analysis, and more.

“This reorganization has been driven by organic growth, coupled with our recent acquisitions. By realigning our product portfolio, we will be better able to provide targeted product and service solutions, regardless of where in the world our customers are located. Our goal is to think globally and act locally,” said Don DeMorett, Chief Operating Officer, Mocon.

Key product offerings under the Permeation banner include instruments for analyzing film structures and packaging for oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor transmission. Also offered is testing for organic compounds and hazardous material transmission rates, as well as aroma, flavor, off odor, and formulation analysis.

Package Testing includes headspace analysis instruments (oxygen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide), leak detection, package integrity, seal and burst testers, modified atmosphere gas analysis, as well as in-line gas blenders and leak detectors.

The Industrial Analyzers business unit offers gas chromatography and continuous environmental air and water quality monitors. The product line also includes complimentary products such as multipoint samplers, calibration systems, sample conditioners, support gas generators, and data acquisition systems.

The Microbial Detection unit is anchored by the GreenLight food safety product line that provides automated rapid, precise, same-day microbial count results in a cost-effective manner with reduced process variability.